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Garden and Nature Ranger

Our students are excited about the new garden. We have the Garden Ranger Program on site that will involve every child in a six-week lesson that will involve gardening, STEM science and art! Every child at Eastman will participate in active learning through the garden. The ultimate goal is to understand the importance of sustainable living and the impact skills earned will contribute to the sustainable environment. Learn more at



We are in the partnership with Playworks, an organization that supports active play at recess and lunch. We want recess and lunch to be a fun and exciting experience for our students, so we are enthusiastic about our partnership with this agency to promote leadership, friendships, cooperation and social skills through play! Learn more at


Outreach Assemblies

We are scheduling our monthly Enrichment Assemblies for our children. The latest “ A Drop In The Bucket”, was a big hit with students! Through a hands-on activity, students learned about how our water moves in aqueducts to promote water conservation! Monthly program assemblies include Conservation Awareness, Seeds To Garden, Nutrition, Safety, Community Awareness and more.


The Arts

We are in our fifth year of Dancing in the Classrooms for our fifth graders. It is a wonderfully unique program. Every year our fifth graders learn ballroom dancing from an experienced dancer. The culmination is a competition with students from all over the district. We have won the Gold Medal four of those years!

This year we are partnered with the Music Center and are offering Performing Arts. We are also in the process and a partnership with Inner City Arts. 

3rd through 5th grade students have the opportunity to be in our school orchestra. Look at Arts program page to find out more.


Extracurricular Activities and Partnerships

We have many learning opportunities for students. Each of the extra curricular clubs is centered around leadership building centered around the idea that learning is both academic learning and community awareness beyond the regular school day.


Play Leader Training

Student Council

Ballroom Dancing

Science Lab 

Computer Club/Multi-media and Communications

Eastman Ambassadors

Art Club

Science Club

Speech Club

Girls on the Run

Marathon Kids

Math Club

Chess Club

Movie Club

and More


 Dual Language, Maintenance and Transitional Program

We have students whose home language is Spanish. We offer classes that allow students to be instructed in Spanish while learning English. Students who are in this program often perform academically in both Spanish and English at grade level or above. Parents interested in this opportunity should call the school office.

We are also offering a new Dual Language program in primary grades. Call the school to find out more.


After School Program

While Eastman offers many clubs after school, we also have the Youth Development Program (YDP)  and Youth Services (YS) that provide after school activities and daycare until 6:00 pm. Call the school office for more information.