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Teacher Trainings

        As in any professional field, to provide the best service to clientele, employees must be trained in the latest technology and best practices. We believe that strongly at Eastman. Our teachers are trained by professional agencies that specialize in Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Some of the trainings our teachers have participated in are CELL, CGI Math, Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute, Eureka MathProject GLAD, Reading Workshop, SOAR, Thinking Map and Writing Workshop to name a few.

        Teachers are given opportunities to learn the most effective strategies for students to achieve and excel. Teachers attend conferences yearly during their own summer vacation time which reflects their investment in students’ achievement.

        We have 7 National Board Teachers on staff; 15 our teachers have Masters degrees; and 17 teachers hold a bilingual cross-cultural language and academic development certificate (BCLAD). There is a rigorous process to hire new teachers when vacancies do occur.